Gleek the Dragon



Dragon breath? YUCK!

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Nobody likes dragon breath, not even a dragon! After experiencing the embarrassment of dragon breath Gleek learns the importance of brushing and flossing EVERY DAY to keep our smiles clean and healthy.

Gleek shares the icky sticky truth about cavity bugs and plaque, and it is really, really GROSS! You are going to run for your tooth brush!

About Gleek the Dragon...

Gleek the Dragon
Species: Miniature Dragon
Hometown: Merrysville, CA
Favorite Color: All of them
Favorite Food: Prunes
Favorite Flower: Snap Dragon
BFF: Dragonflairy
Siblings: Flossie, Moxie, & Phil

Gleek the dragon is often silly and sometimes forgetful. Being a silly dragon he likes to make his friends laugh. Being a forgetful dragon he sometimes forgets when it is NOT the time to be silly.

Gleek brushes his teeth every morning and every night because he DOES NOT want to have dragon breath. Dragons who do not brush their teeth breathe fire. Dragons who brush and floss their teeth each day spray fresh water.

Gleek likes to make kids laugh. Sometimes he forgets it’s not always appropriate to act silly, run around or play, but when the time is right a splash of fun just might save the day!

Created, written, and illustrated by Miss Ronda.